About Richard

I’m Richard Schragger. I’m an entrepreneur and restaurateur with 25+ years of experience in franchise & restaurant operations, marketing, sales, development,  and IT. Over the course of my tenure I have successfully owned and operated multiple franchise restaurant brands in New York City.

My independence and versatility has enabled me to remain on the forefront of restaurant operations, technology and marketing channels, which I take pride in offering my clients. Additionally, I have extensive international travel/work experience and offer a unique cultural perspective when engaging diverse audiences including customers, employees and stakeholders at all levels of an organization.

My mission is to provide restaurant partners with the experience, support & assistance required to successfully operate and grow your business from 2 to 10 locations; allowing you to focus entirely on your vision, products and customers and helping you sustain the proper vital signs needed to achieve your growth goals.


Service List

- Inventory Controls
- Health Department Compliance
- Food Ordering / Supply Chain

- Wage & Hour Disputes
- Landlord/Tenant Disputes
- Complex Debt Workouts
- Bankruptcy

- New Hire Documentation, Training & Employment Manuals
- Employee Onboarding Systems & Processes
- Accounting, Financial & Bookkeeping
- Insurance Options
- Unemployment Insurance
- Profit & Loss Reports
- Financial Statements
- Tax Returns
- Sales Tax Audits
- Workers Compensation Audits

Franchise Growth Options
- Labor/Payroll Controls
- Investment & Growth Strategy
- POS Evaluations & Recommendations