Papa John's Case Study

After acquiring the poorly run and neglected Papa John’s Pizza located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, we quickly turned around the unprofitable business by implementing immediate revenue generation and cost reduction strategies.

We remodeled the store to integrate the Subway brand, bringing in an immediate influx of missing lunch time revenue. After hiring and training key management staff our service operations became more fluid, timely and cost efficient. A rigorous program was implemented to cross-train employees to be versatile in multiple job functions.

I successfully re-negotiated the existing lease to save 20% over the 10 year term. Additionally, within 12 months of acquisition, we increased sales by 200%.

After being an integral part of the Papa John’s organization for just one year, I was recognized by my peers as one of the strongest and most forward thinking franchise owner in the Tri-State area. I was voted one of seven board members to represent our regional Coop; comprised of 150 stores in the New York, New Jersey & Connecticut market. I continued to serve on the Co-op board for 7 consecutive years in various capacities; including President & Treasurer. In addition to overseeing our $3M annual Co-op budget, I also managed ongoing relationships with our franchisor, advertising agency and sports marketing partners.*

During this time I gained valuable experience in relationship management between corporate and independent franchisees. Together we developed and managed large budget media plans and marketing strategies to grow the brand across the region.

* We negotiated successful team sponsorships with the New York Giants, Jets, Rangers, Yankees and the Brooklyn Nets.